Received today!

Thanks to my old co-worker, who sent a greeting card today with a campaign contribution. This is the front cover and inside message! Both are much appreciated, as are all of the contributions that I’ve received. Thank you, one and all.

Luckily for my opponents, I’m not like that! (I’m the one who brought a cooler with bottled water, to the primary elections and shared with everyone working the polls, regardless of who they were or who their candidate was. And, when I was running out of my stash, I sent my husband out for more!)

If you would like to see me win my campaign and can help send me to Concord to represent Salem and all of New Hampshire, I would appreciate your support.

You may send funds via any one of three methods:
1. Via ActBlue:

2. Via Paypal c/o

3. Or via check to:
Bonnie Wright for NH State House, 34 Liberty St, Salem NH 03079

Every little bit helps! The NUMBER of donors help show that I have support. The AMOUNT that I raise will help me pay for palm cards to leave when I knock on doors, or for yard signs. If I can raise enough funds, I would like to do a mailing, too.

Thanks for your consideration, and many, many thanks to those who have helped me already.

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