COVID-19 Update April 19

COVID-19 Update April 19

It was a fairly quiet day for news, but I expect tomorrow will be a lot busier. Tomorrow we are looking forward to the report from Chief Larry Best and others from Salem’s Emergency Operations Center. Their presentation will be aired at 7:00 on Channel 23. See below in the “Salem Government” section for additional ways to view the presentation. Also, tomorrow is the hearing on who should have the power of deciding how the $1.25 billion from the Federal stimulus/CARES Act will be spent.

Stay safe, and, always, be kind. Remember, we are all in this together.

Key points covered in today’s report:

Today we added 50 new confirmed cases, 8 more recoveries, and we lost three more souls to this virus. We have a net of 39 more current cases than we had yesterday. There were three new hospitalizations, but a net of six fewer hospitalizations.

I’ve updated the report comparing the confirmed cases in Methuen MA vs. Salem and Manchester. While Methuen is not Manchester or Salem, the close proximity of the three municipalities and the number of confirmed cases in each doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

I’ve updated the table comparing the number of confirmed cases per 100K residents in NY, MA, VT, and NH. The comparison is disturbing..

I’ve added a new registry for those who have recovered, run by Tufts University, in the resource list.

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Q: How is NH doing in comparison to our neighboring states?
A: We aren’t doing enough tests!

Over the last four days, NY’s test per 100,000 residents increased by 42.1%; MA saw a 97.6% increase in test per 100K, and Vermont saw a 32.7% increase. Why was NH’s increase only 1.4%???

The following charts are from NHPR

#End of NHPR’s charts.

Additional charts can be found at

COVID Symptom Tracker: This is a project of Mass General Hospital. In the absence of proper testing, this may be the best way of tracking how we are doing. I’m keeping it near the top, so I’ll remember to log in each day.

Today’s COVID-19 news:

April 19April 18Change from yesterday
Total Confirmed Cases1,3921,342+50
Recovered52137% (was 38%)
Deaths Attributed to COVID-19
413% 38+3
Active Cases830
Total Hospitalized19814% (was 15%)
Current Hospitalized79
Tested Negative12,72612,082+644
Persons with specimens submitted to NH PHL6,4726,209+263
Persons with test pending at NH PHL298316-18
Being Monitored (Approximate)2,3002,200+100
Total Tested (Confirmed Cases + Tested Negative)14,11813,424+694

Salem’s confirmed cases: 

  • April 3: 25 cases (Range 20-40)
  • April 6: 33 cases (+8 in 3 days)
  • April 8: 20-40 cases
  • April 9: 20-49 cases (between +1 and +9 in 1 day)
  • April 10: Over 50 (at least +1 in one day, at least +10 in 2 days; at least +25 in 7 days. Possibly +25 more by 4/16, due to outbreak at The Residence at Salem Woods, although the workers there may not be Salem residents, and thus might not be in our numbers.)

Salem, Manchester, Nashua, and Derry remain as the only NH municipalities with more than 50 confirmed cases.  With 258 confirmed cases (up +17 from yesterday), Manchester appears to be the municipality in NH with the most confirmed cases. Nashua has 131 (+9) confirmed cases. We don’t have the numbers for the other two hottest spots, Salem and Derry. Bedford, Concord, Dover, Hudson, Londonderry, Pelham, Portsmouth, Windham and now Seabrook are the only communities in New Hampshire with 20-49 confirmed cases.

Hillsborough County, which includes Manchester and Nashua, has 581 (+29) confirmed cases. Rockingham County is second, with 479 (+17) confirmed cases. These two counties make up over 70% of all confirmed cases.

Today, Methuen has 384 confirmed cases (+9) or 1.0% of its 2019 population of 39,498 people. Salem’s population in 2019 was 29,133. If 1.08% of Salem’s population had COVID-19, we would have 283 confirmed cases. How can our neighboring town have so many cases, but we don’t? Massachusetts has much higher testing rates.

I also looked at Manchester NH in comparison to Methuen. Thirty miles away from Methuen, Manchester’s population in 2018 was 112,525. With 258 confirmed cases, only 0.2% of their population has been diagnosed. If Manchester had the same infection rate as Methuen, they would have 1125 cases! New Hampshire NEEDS more testing!

Of the confirmed cases in NH, about 15% have required hospitalization. Over 30% of the confirmed cases are healthcare workers. Most of those with mild symptoms have not been able to get tested.

We need proper testing to fight COVID-19

The NH Division of Public Health Services, Bureau of Infectious Disease Control, has announced a Weekly Summary Report, with more details than I see in the daily reports from the Department of Health & Human Services. See the report or my summary of the key points in my report on April 13.

NH News relating to COVID-19

It was a quiet day. I found no new stories worth sharing.

Salem Government

The Town of Salem’s Emergency Operations Center Team (EOC) will be making weekly reports every Monday evening at 7:00. Their reports can be seen at

Find other Salem Government board meetings:

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State Representation:
Salem has nine State Representatives. If you are having issues connected to COVID-19, they have access to the people who can get you the help you need. You can find contact info for our reps here:

Our Senator, Chuck Morse, can be contacted at His Concord office phone is 603.271.3207.


On April 7, NH scientist and politician, Mindi Messmer, PG, CG wrote on her Facebook page: “… testing has pretty much stopped at the NH PHL. The testing penetration is so low in NH, only 1/2% of the 1.3M people, meaning 99.5% of the 1.3M have not been tested, that I am not putting up projections or tests for NH because the graphs would be meaningless and I don’t want to give the false impression that we know what’s going on in NH.”

On April 8, the National Academy of Sciences reported that 16 out of 51 tests were inaccurate. (false negatives). Others also have concerns about both false negatives and false positives.

Please keep these ideas in mind as you review the information on this page or any other page.

Resources to help in these challenging times:

Do YOU think you have COVID-19?

To report suspected cases, contact the Bureau of Infectious Disease Control at  603-271-4496, (603-271-5300 for after hours), or

The IRS has released its new app to track stimulus payments, Get My Payment.” which had been scheduled to be released on April 17. Expect to wait. (And possibly, like me, be disappointed.) If your info isn’t available today, try again tomorrow, as info is going to be updated every night.

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There is no excuse for not having a mask!!!


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Mindi Messmer: A scientist who is reporting frequently on COVID-19, Mindi is also a candidate for Executive Council, District 3 (including Salem). Sign up for her “Daily or So COVID-19 Updates”

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COVID Symptom Tracker:
This is a project of Mass General Hospital. In the absence of proper testing, let’s let them know how we are doing.

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