COVID-19 Update April 30

COVID-19 Update April 30

Salem has 146 confirmed cases, an increase of 3, putting us at 50 cases per 10,000 people.

Six more people died today. They were someone’s family or friend. A record of 92 new cases were diagnosed today. That’s not unexpected, as we are supposedly doing more testing. Surprisingly, however, we only had 36 negative results, for a total of 128 new results today. That’s almost 3 positive cases for every one negative case. This is very concerning.

Today Massachusetts announced almost as many positive results in one day as NH has had since the pandemic began. To date, for every 10,000 residents, Massachusetts has tested 90 people, but NH has only tested 16.

Bedford NH joined the list of communities with over 50 confirmed cases. It looks like Franklin will be joining that list soon, as they went from yesterday’s 19 to today’s 45 confirmed cases, an increase of 26. Due to the tiny population of this city, they are now the highest per capita of the municipalities that I’m tracking, with 53 cases per 10,000 residents. Concord and Hudson are also very close to passing the 50+ mark.

I’m tired, so I need to remind myself to stay positive. Please do the same! Stay safe, and, always, be kind.

Key points covered below in today’s report:

  • Grocery Store Masks
  • Salemhaven Update
  • We are driving less … and more.
  • More long-term care facility outbreaks
  • Rep. Annie Kuster calls for more testing and more funding for Americans, and our cities and towns. 
  • NH community colleges looking for aid. 
  • Right to Know requests are slow
  • NH helping VA hospitals across the country
  • Unemployment
  • Community-Based COVID-19 Testing Program
  • Town Hall with Senator Shaheen and Senator Hassan
  • Turn on the lights for the Class of 2020!
  • Nashua receives grant for businesses and nonprofits
  • Economic Reopening Task Force


I updated the chart from @Mindi4NH showing the % of the population tested in all states. (NH is lowest in New England, and we went from 28th% down to 30% in the past week.)

Click on the calendar to enlarge

Q: How much testing is NH doing in comparison to our neighboring states?

A: We aren’t doing enough tests!

Mindi does an excellent report daily. You can sign up to get it here.

Could this be the answer?

On April 19, this was posted on Facebook:

The Governor maintains that we don’t have enough supplies (test availability).

Why is this so important?
COVID vs. US Daily Average Cause of Death

By Robert Martin on 15 Apr 2020

The following charts are from NHPR

#End of NHPR’s charts.

Additional charts can be found at

COVID Symptom Tracker: This is a project of Mass General Hospital. In the absence of proper testing, this may be the best way of tracking how we are doing. I’m keeping it near the top, so I’ll remember to log in each day.

Today’s COVID-19 Statistics:

April 30April 29Change from yesterday
Total Confirmed Cases2,1462,054+92
Recovered 98048%
Deaths Attributed to COVID-19
723% 66+6
Active Cases1,0941,008+86
Total Hospitalized26212% (was 13%)
Current Hospitalized112107+5
Tested Negative19,90319,867+36
Persons with specimens submitted to NH PHL9,4689,127+341
Persons with test pending at NH PHL302272+30
Being Monitored (Approximate) 2,7002,550+150
Total Tested (Confirmed Cases + Tested Negative)22,04921,921+128


Salem’s confirmed cases: 

  • March 30 (Range 10-19)
  • March 31 (Range 20+)
  • April 3: 25 cases (Range 20+)
  • April 6: 33 cases (+8 in 3 days)
  • April 8: 20+ cases
  • April 9: 20-49
  • April 10: Over 50
  • April 23: 116
  • April 27: 144
  • April 28: 143 (Huh? Less than yesterday? Triple checked!)
  • April 30: 146

NH Hot Spots
Seven NH municipalities have more than 50 confirmed cases:

  • Manchester: 455 (+9 from yesterday); 40 per 10K residents
  • Nashua: 193 (+7 from yesterday); 23 per 10K residents (+1)
  • Salem: 146 (+3); 50 cases per 10K residents
  • Derry: 140; (+7); 42 cases per 10K residents (+2)
  • Dover: 69 (+1); 22 cases per 10K residents (+1)
  • Londonderry: 67 (+7); 25 cases per 10K residents (+2)
  • Bedford: 57, crossed the 50+ threshold today (+8); 25 cases per 10K.

All other municipalities have less than 50 cases.  All of the other municipalities with 20-49 cases are geographically south of Concord/Dover, and east of Concord/Milford, except for Franklin with jumped today from 19 confirmed cases to 45.


  • Hillsborough (inc. Manchester and Nashua): 964 (+931); 23 per 10K residents (+1)
  • Rockingham (inc. Salem & Derry): 692 (+22); 22 per 10K

These two counties make up about 77% of all confirmed cases in NH. (-1% from yesterday)

Our neighboring towns:

  • Methuen: 581 (+24). 28 deaths. 168 recovered. 148 cases per 10K residents
  • Lawrence: 1,707 (+62). 77 deaths (+6); 212 cases per 10K residents (+7)

Tests per 10,000 residents:

  • NH: 16
  • MA: 90

If more people were tested, the numbers would be higher.
Without better testing, we can’t know what our real numbers are.



Of the confirmed cases in NH, about 13% have required hospitalization. Over 30% of the confirmed cases are healthcare workers. Most of those with mild symptoms have not been able to get tested.

We need proper testing to fight COVID-19

The NH Division of Public Health Services, Bureau of Infectious Disease Control, has announced a Weekly Summary Report, with more details than I see in the daily reports from the Department of Health & Human Services. See the report or my summary of the key points in my report on April 13.

Weekly info has been released for Week of April 20
As of April 20th, 471 healthcare workers have been infected (33% of all confirmed cases). Six kids under 9 years have tested positive. 21% of those infected are 50-59 years old, the largest age group. Those who are 30-39, 40-49, and 60-69 are each 15% of the cases. Surprisingly, only 17% of the confirmed cases are 70 or older, however, the rate per 100,000 for those over 70 is skyrocketing, as there are fewer people in that age range. 54% of all NH cases are female, 46% are male.

Race/Ethnicity: 90% of NH’s population is white; 81% of the confirmed cases are white. Hispanic/Latino are 3.9% of the population, but 6.1% of the cases. Blacks/African Americans are 1.4% of the population, and 5.4% of the cases. Asians are 3.0% of the population, and 3.2% of the cases. All other races are 1.8% of the population, and 4.4% of the population.

NH News relating to COVID-19

Grocery Store Masks

Hannaford is now requiring that all associates wear masks. I cannot find anything on MarketBasket’s website, acknowledging a COVID policy. Reports from people who have been calling them, are that they suggest that employees wear masks, but don’t require them. My husband didn’t take my advice, and did our weekly our 7-10 day grocery run today, and went to the MarketBasket at Tuscan Village early this morning. He reported that most, but not all, of the employees were wearing masks.

Salemhaven Update

Salemhaven reports 1 death and positive tests for 9 residents, and 3 staff. Read more.

We are driving less … and more.

Data shows vehicle traffic in NH gradually rising, still down sharply from 2019. Traffic began to decrease the week of March 15 and continued down to the week of April 5. By April 12, the numbers started going up, and they continue to rise. Read more. I’m hearing of people who aren’t able to start their vehicles, because batteries aren’t happy sitting for too long. Also, I’ve heard of stories of people whose key fob batteries are dying. Run your car, briefly, every few days!

More long-term care facility outbreaks

Yesterday Health Commissioner Lori Shibinette reported that residents and staff at two long-term care facilities had been infected:

  • Hackett Hill Center, Manchester: 22 residents, 2 staff
  • Mountain Ridge Center, Franklin: 13 residents, 2 staff members tested positive. Read more.

Rep. Annie Kuster calls for more testing and more funding for Americans, and our cities and towns. 

Congresswoman Kuster’s comprehensive “Roadmap to Recovery” outlines a more cohesive national strategy for COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, for more individual assistance for citizens and for cities and towns – and for help with college tuition for frontline medical personnel. Read more.

NH community colleges looking for aid. 

The community college system wants more than $29 million, which would be used for tuition assistance. Students who would benefit include those who are looking to change careers, often because they got laid off. Read more.

Right to Know requests are slow

COVID-19 is interrupting the flow of public information. Some state agencies, including the State Police, are putting Right to Know requests on hold or are adjusting their timeframes to respond to Right to Know requests, as is allowed under state law given the current state of emergency. Read more.

NH helping VA hospitals across the country

NH purchased over 110,000 pounds of personal protective equipment, including 4.5 million masks. The masks will be sent to the VA for national distribution. The shipment left Shanghai, China, on Wednesday and is expected to arrive Thursday afternoon.  The VA will reimburse the state. Read more.


More than 14,000 initial unemployment claims were filed in New Hampshire last week, down more than 6,000 from the previous week, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The latest number covers new claims through April 24. Source: Nashua Telegraph and WMUR.  The number of New Hampshire residents who were unemployed because of the coronavirus pandemic hit 15% as of April 18, state officials calculated. Read more.

Community-Based COVID-19 Testing Program

The new testing program, with drive-through testing locations in Claremont, Lancaster, Plymouth, Tamworth and Rochester, is now in operation,  open by appointment. Commissioner Lori Shibinette say they can handle up to 500 appointments per day. 

DHHS has also partnered with ConvenientMD to provide telehealth screening and COVID-19 testing for individuals regardless of insurance status.  Two mobile teams were sent to test staff at long-term care facilities in Rockingham and Hillsborough counties. 

Residents who are uninsured can contact 2-1-1 for more information about telehealth and testing services available through ConvenientMD. No one should be charged for COVID testing or treatment. Read more.

Town Hall with Senator Shaheen and Senator Hassan

During a telephoned town hall this evening, NH’s two senators said that they will fight to get funding for states and local communities, including backfilling the State Budget, and for lost revenue. They are also trying to pass a Hero’s Fund, which will go to essential workers, including grocery store workers. Call Senator Shaheen for assistance. 603-647-7500

Turn on the lights for Class of 2020!

Yesterday at 8:20, which is 20:20 military time, Merrimack Valley High School turned on the lights at its athletic fields to honor the class of 2020 seniors. The lights were shining for 20 minutes and 20 seconds. The “bright idea” started at high schools in Texas and Colorado. Read more.

Nashua receives grant for businesses and nonprofits

The City of Nashua has accepted a grant for $1.2 million to be used to help local businesses and nonprofits recover. See more.

Economic Reopening Task Force

The governor’s Economic Reopening Task Force took comments from the public this afternoon, and will take additional calls from 9-11 a.m. tomorrow (Friday). Call 1-800-356-8278 or 1-857-444-0744. Use one of these PINs: 194499, 600744, or 125563. Comments can also be submitted via email at Read more.


Salem Government

The Town of Salem’s Emergency Operations Center Team (EOC) will be making weekly reports every Monday evening at 7:00. Their reports can be seen at

Find other Salem Government board meetings:

To watch past or live viewings:

State Representation:
Salem has nine State Representatives. If you are having issues connected to COVID-19, they have access to the people who can get you the help you need. You can find contact info for our reps here:

Our Senator, Chuck Morse, can be contacted at His Concord office phone is 603.271.3207.


On April 7, NH scientist and politician, Mindi Messmer, PG, CG wrote on her Facebook page: “… testing has pretty much stopped at the NH PHL. The testing penetration is so low in NH, only 1/2% of the 1.3M people, meaning 99.5% of the 1.3M have not been tested, that I am not putting up projections or tests for NH because the graphs would be meaningless and I don’t want to give the false impression that we know what’s going on in NH.”

On April 8, the National Academy of Sciences reported that 16 out of 51 tests were inaccurate. (false negatives). Others also have concerns about both false negatives and false positives.

Please keep these ideas in mind as you review the information on this page or any other page.

Resources to help in these challenging times:

Have Questions?

NH residents can dial the state’s COVID-19 hotline at 2-1-1 or 603-271-4496 for answers to questions related to the outbreak and to be directed to available resources for help.

Do YOU think you have COVID-19?

To report suspected cases, contact the Bureau of Infectious Disease Control at  603-271-4496, (603-271-5300 for after hours), or

The IRS has released its new app to track stimulus payments, Get My Payment.” which had been scheduled to be released on April 17. Expect to wait. (And possibly, like me, be disappointed.) If your info isn’t available today, try again tomorrow, as info is going to be updated every night.

How You Can Help Others:


There is no excuse for not having a mask!!!


New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services:

Office of the Governor:

Mindi Messmer: A scientist who is reporting frequently on COVID-19, Mindi is also a candidate for Executive Council, District 3 (including Salem). Sign up for her “Daily or So COVID-19 Updates”

More info about COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

COVID Symptom Tracker:
This is a project of Mass General Hospital. In the absence of proper testing, let’s let them know how we are doing.

Tuft’s University: COVID-19 Convalescent (Recovered) Patient Registry

Trackers (Cases)

The World Health Organization:

Media with NH COVID-19 news:



Financial Assistance

Link to other  NH benefits:

Businesses and Employers: Guidance for Small Businesses 

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