COVID-19 Update July 14

COVID-19 Update July 14

  • Total: 277 confirmed cases
  • 1 out of every 107 residents has been infected.
  • Salem Today: 0 new cases, 27 active cases.


• • • • TODAY’S SPOTLIGHT• • • • • •

  • The number of active cases in Salem went down by three more people, and there are no new infections. We now have less than 30 people with infections.
  • The outbreak at Salem Haven has been closed (No new cases for two weeks.) There are no new long-term care facilities. Only five facilities have had new cases within the last two weeks.
  • Testing remains low; 1,081 people were tested for the first time. (Daily average of 1,228 per day over the past week.) DHHS reports an average of 2,000 tests per day, including those who are tested multiple times.
  • The percentage of positivity remains low at 2.13%.
  • Three more children under the age of 18 were just diagnosed. That’s 15 kids in the last four days.
  • NH now has less than 600 active cases. Less than 10% of all confirmed cases are still active.
  • There were two new hospitalizations reported for today. DHHS also reported that they found errors from April and May, which added an additional 74 hospitalizations to the total count.
  • The new death today was associated with a long-term care facility.
  • Global deaths were over 6000 today. That’s not the record, but it’s sure a lot.
  • In his press conference today, Governor Sununu said he has not been contacted about a replacement date for the Trump Rally, which was canceled on Saturday. The Governor has been criticized for not requiring masks at this event. If it is rescheduled in Portsmouth, masks will likely be required, as that city just passed a mask ordinance.
  • Nashua officials are concerned. 26 (14%) of the new cases in the past week were from Nashua. Many of the new victims in recent days are significantly younger than what had been seen not too long ago. While Manchester has had more cases overall, Nashua now has significantly more active cases than our largest city. On June 26, Nashua only had 46 active cases. Since then it has gone up as high as 83 on July 6-8. Yesterday it was down to 69, and today it is back up to 70.
  • The Governor’s Press Conference this evening and the School Board meeting tonight both focused on school re-openings. My summaries of these two events are below the calendar.


• • • • • DIAGNOSTIC TESTS IN NH • • • • • •

  • New positive cases per DHHS: 23
  • My new positive cases (Total of today’s cases minus yesterday’s total): 23
  • Children under 18 in new cases: 3
  • Total positive cases in NH: 6,091
  • Percentage of tests that are positive: 2.13%
  • Active cases: 598
  • Percentage of positive cases that are still active: 9.8%
  • New cases in Rockingham County: 5
  • Total cases in Rockingham County: 1,531
  • Percent of all cases from either Hillsborough County or Rockingham County: 81%
  • Total PCR tests results reported today (Positive results plus negative results): 1,081
  • The daily average of diagnostic (PCR) tests reported from 7 days ago to today: 1,069
  • New negative PCR cases in NH: 1,058
  • Total negative cases in NH (as reported by DHHS): 131,018


• • • • • OTHER TEST RESULTS • • • • • •

  • New antibody tests: 128
  • Total antibody tests (No break down of positive vs. negative): 21,766
  • The daily average of antibody tests reported from 7 days ago to today:180
  • Children diagnosed with MIS-C: (as of 5/22/2020): 1


• • • • • RECOVERED IN NH • • • • • •

  1. Announced today: 45
  2. Total Recovered: 5,101
  3. Percentage of diagnosed cases that have recovered: 83.7%


• • • • • HOSPITALIZATIONS IN NH • • • • • •

  • New: 2 from today; an error from April and May added 74 more to the cumulative total
  • Current: 23 (up 2 from yesterday)
  • Total Hospitalized: 655
  • Percentage of those who have been infected that have been hospitalized: 10.92%
  • Percentage of those who have been hospitalized that are still in the hospital: 3.5%


• • • • • DEATHS IN NH • • • • • •

  • Lives lost today: 1
  • Persons over 60 years of age who died today: 1
  • Persons under 60 years of age who died today: 0
  • Total fatalities in NH associated with COVID-19: 392
  • NH Residents diagnosed with COVID-19 that died: 6.4%
  • Lives lost in Rockingham today: 0 today. 9 more from error in April and May.

These are not simply numbers. We must not forget that these are all someone’s husband or wife, mother or father, sister or brother, son or daughter, friend or neighbor.


Useful links

  • If you are having trouble paying your rent or mortgage because of COVID-19, help can be found here.
  • Apply for the Self Employed Livelihood Fund (SELF) will be available starting Monday, July 6, 2020. – July 17, 2020. If you are self-employed, you may be eligible for this CARES Act grant, designed to help you recover some of your COVID-19 losses. Details are on the State’s website.
  • Info about COVID-19 testing is compiled in one place on mywebsite.
  • Complications of COVID-19 Survivors of all ages can be found on my website.
  • Help for Salem residents is on my website.
  • A list of COVID-19 Resources can be found on my website.
  • An update of nearby communities can be found here.
  • Institutional Outbreaks as of June 18 on my website.

SELF: Self Employed Livelihood Fund for self-employed business owners: The deadline to file for a CARES Act grant to replace some of your business losses due to COVID-19 is this Friday. I found the link. Go here to apply.

SELF: Take care of yourself — physically, emotionally, financially, socially. Eat right. Get enough sleep. (Do as I say, not as I do! Except when it comes to masks. #MaskUpNH!) Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe, and always, be kind.


Click on the calendar to enlarge

Governor’s Press Conference.

I had several interruptions while trying to watch this. Here is what I heard:

  • “Our biggest challenges are ahead”
  • NH is managing and stockpiling supplies. We are prepared for an increase in cases.
  • NH Unemployment: 73,000 or 9.5%; based on 780,000 who were part of the labor force just prior to COVID.

School Re-Openings:

  • The Governor issued guidance recommendations for school re-openings.
  • He says that the recommendations are practical and manageable, but each town can adapt the recommendations to fit the circumstances as needed.
  • He says this is a dynamic, flexible guidance document.
  • The full guidance report can be found at
  • Key requirements:
    • 3-6 feet between desks
    • Masks won’t be mandated but will be encouraged for kids and staff and required for visitors.
    • Daily screening for staff, student, visitors
    • Desks to be arranged to minimize close contact
    • Schools to Develop Remote leaning options for those who choose to not return
    • Transportation plans must include realistic safety protocols, such as assigned seats, but not to require any ruling (such as leaving empty seats), which would require additional buses. Bus seats may be assigned.

Salem School Board Meeting

I had another meeting at the same time as this, so I did not get to see it. This is a very brief summary of a friend’s lengthy summary:

  • Salem School Department has accepted almost $2 Million in grants.
  • School starts September 1 for Kindergarten, and grades 6 and 9. All others will start on September 2.
  • There will be no school on September 8 or Nov 3, for primary and general elections.

Proposed plan:

  • Salem will follow state guidelines and recommendations of state health officials and FMLA rules.
  • Superintendent says It is impractical in our town to do a hybrid approach, which would mean doing half in school and half at-home learning
  • Superintendent says masks protect us and others around us; this should not be political
  • Distance learning will be available for anyone unable or unwilling to return
  • Social distancing – 6 ft maintained “wherever we can”
  • All desks will be mounted with transparent shields
  • Masks – “where possible and practical,” can be removed behind the shield
  • K & 1st graders will not be required to wear masks.
  • Cannot come to school unless you agree to wear a mask (except when sitting at desk behind the plexiglass screen)
  • Parents to assess kids before coming in the morning.
  • Lunch will be in the cafeterias, but food will be prepackaged.
  • Plastic shields will be in place at tables; the same group will sit at the same table each day
  • Pickup meals will be available for distance learning students, but will not continue to be free in the fall
  • Everyone is to wear a mask on buses with 2 students per seat. Those eligible for buses will increase from a 1-mile to a 1.25-mile radius to the school
  • In the event of an infection, the state will determine who will be considered a ‘close contact’ or whether and how long a classroom or school will need to be closed for cleaning

COVID-19 Deaths — It’s Different from the Flu







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