COVID-19 Update June 9

COVID-19 Update June 9

  • Salem Total: 265 confirmed cases, 1 out of every 112 residents
  • Salem Today: 0 new cases. 75 active cases (down 4).

****** TODAY’S SPOTLIGHT ******

  • Globally: 7,311,596 cases; 412,997 deaths
  • US: 2,045,485 confirmed cases; 114,148 deaths.
  • Salem has not had a new case since Saturday, June 6.
  • Another 109 people were reported as recovered today.
  • The number of current cases has not been this low since well before May 11. Today we had 1,337 people who are still in quarantine/isolation.  On May 20, the number of active cases was 2,290.
  • Rockingham County had no COVID-19 related deaths reported from last Monday, June 1 through yesterday. Sadly, we lost two women today; one under age 60.
  • Testing numbers are down in NH, so the number of positive cases in NH, and Salem, are also quite low. Today results were reported for 1,524 tests. The daily average 1,844 tests over the past week, and 1,744 over the past two weeks.
  • It’s been almost a month since the NH Public Health Laboratory had this few pending tests.
  • The number of new cases has been relatively quiet. Let’s keep it that way!


  • New positive cases per DHHS: 53
  • My new positive cases (Total of today’s cases minus yesterday’s total): 53
  • Children under 18 in new cases: 2
  • Total positive cases in NH: 5,132
  • Percentage of tests that are positive: 3.48%
  • Active cases: 1,337
  • Percentage of positive cases that are still active: 26.1%
  • New cases in Rockingham County: 7
  • Total cases in Rockingham County: 1,393
  • Percent of all cases from either Hillsborough County or Rockingham County: 82%
  • Total PCR tests results reported today (Positive results plus negative results): 1,524
  • Daily average of diagnostic (PCR) tests reported from 7 days ago to today: 1,812
  • New negative PCR cases in NH: 1,471
  • Total negative cases in NH (as reported by DHHS): 83,515

****** OTHER TEST RESULTS ******

  •  New antibody tests: 243
  • Total antibody tests (No break down of positive vs. negative): 14,232
  • Daily average of antibody tests reported from 7 days ago to today: 525
  • Children diagnosed with MIS-C: (as of 5/22/2020): 1

****** RECOVERED IN NH ******

  • Announced today: 109
  • Total: 3,501
  • Percentage of diagnosed cases that have recovered: 68.2%


  • New: 4
  • Current: 89
  • Total: 496
  • Percentage of all confirmed cases that have been hospitalized: 10%
  • Percentage of those who have been hospitalized that are still in the hospital: 17.9%

****** DEATHS IN NH ******

  • Lives lost today: 8
  • Persons over 60 years of age who died today: 7
  • Persons under 60 years of age who died today: 1
  • Total fatalities in NH associated with COVID-19: 294
  • NH Residents diagnosed with COVID-19 that died: 5.7%
  • NH Residents hospitalized with COVID-19 that died: 59.3%
  • Lives lost in Rockingham today: 1 female under 60, 1 female over 60.

These are not simply numbers. We must not forget that these are all someone’s husband or wife, mother or father, sister or brother, son or daughter, friend or neighbor.

*****Key points. Read details in the article below ******

  • What We Know About The Silent Spreaders Of COVID-19
  • Chambers of Commerce once again denied COVID-19 funding
  • New Hampshire approves letting anyone register to vote by mail
  • NH Employment Security says 90% of the economy is ‘open for business and working
  • Governor Sununu’s Press Conference:

We have entered what may be the most dangerous part of this pandemic. We are all tired of physical isolation. Yet, the virus is not tired. Be smart, stay safe, and always, be kind. 


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Q: How much testing is NH doing in comparison to our neighboring states?

A: We aren’t doing enough tests!


Today’s COVID-19 Statistics:

Salem’s confirmed cases: 

  • May 19: 213; 118 active (The highest number of active cases.)
  • May 20: 218; 116 active
  • May 21: 220; 86 active
  • May 22: 225; 77 active
  • May 23: 227; 74 active
  • May 24: 226???; 76 active
  • May 25: 228; 67 active
  • May 26: 235; 73 active
  • May 27: 235; 68 active
  • May 28: 239; 70 active
  • May 29: 239; 68 active
  • May 30: 241, 65 active
  • May 31: 244; 68 active
  • June 1: 245; 68 active
  • June 2: 247; 66 active
  • June 3: 256; 74 active
  • June 4: 258; 75 active
  • June 5: 263; 77 active
  • June 6: 265; 79 active
  • June 7: 265; 79 active
  • June 8: 265; 79 active
  • June 9: 265; 75 active

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The report containing information about other towns, counties and our MA neighbors has been moved to’m updating this information weekly. The last update was May 24.

Today’s News pertaining to COVID-19

NH News related to COVID-19 is very light tonight, and recently. That’s a good thing.

What We Know About The Silent Spreaders Of COVID-19

This article was shared by Mindi Messmer, who is a NH scientist/NH Politician, with this introduction:

“The WHO’s recent statements on asymptomatic v presymptomatic spread of #COVID19 is a nuanced play on words.

“Actually, #COVID is an extremely contagious disease and is thought to be spread by people who have it, don’t realize it and are having symptoms which they don’t recognize. “So far, presymptomatic is a much more common category than asymptomatic. About 75% of people who test positive without showing symptoms turn out to be presymptomatic, displaying coughing, fatigue, fever and other signs of COVID-19 in a later follow-up exam, said Van Kerkhove.”

“Once again, the WHO is putting out information that is confusing. At this point, it seems that they are purposely doing it.

“Everyone should be wearing masks. If you were in a protest get tested about 5 days later.” Read more:


Chambers of Commerce once again denied COVID-19 funding

New Hampshire’s latest COVID-19 relief program guidelines, released Friday night, once again exclude local chambers of commerce and other categories of nonprofits. Read more.


New Hampshire approves letting anyone register to vote by mail

Voters may register to vote by mail for New Hampshire elections if concerns over COVID-19 are why they do not wish to sign the paperwork in person, according to a new legal opinion. Read more.


NH Employment Security says 90% of the economy is ‘open for business and working’

Nearly 90% of New Hampshire’s economy is “open for business and working” even though more than 100,000 people were collecting unemployment last week, Deputy Employment Security Commissioner Richard Lavers told the Governor’s Economic Re-Opening Task Force on Monday. But some parts of the economy are doing better than others, with restaurants, clothing stores and lodging facilities suffering the most, he said. Read more.

Governor Sununu’s Press Conference:

  • Press conferences will be changed from Monday/Wednesday/Friday to Tuesday/Thursday.
  • 4 long-term care facilities have been removed from the active outbreak list.
  • The State is working on guidance to allow LTC residents to have outdoor visitation in non-outbreak facilities. This guidance should be completed by the end of the week or sometime next week
  • Sununu reminded us about the new ASAP program and urged everyone to get tested.
  • Main Street Relief Fund: Applicants should look for an email, and respond with final details by Friday. Funds are expected to be disbursed next week. 60% of the applicants are tiny businesses.
  • $350-400M of the federal CARES Act is not yet allocated
  • They are planning for a significant second surge
  • The current intent is still that the Stay-at-Home will sunset on Monday, June 15. It will evolve to a more general guidance, so everyone lives by the same rules. Expect changes in essential vs. non-essential businesses, size of groups allowed, unemployment insurance program. The State of Emergency will likely continue on indefinitely.
  • Contact tracing: 110-135 working on this. National Guard will transition out. Apps not fit for NH.
  • Adult Day Centers: Difficult to reopen.
  • Baseline testing for nursing homes was completed last week. They don’t track asymptomatic cases.
  • Chan disagrees with WHO. (World Health Organization.) “Asymptomatic spread could be possible.” In many cases asymptomatic appears to be pre-symptomatic.
  • Chan says a vaccine is at least a few months away. In the meantime, minimize gathering sizes, wear cloth masks, practice good hygiene.
  • Q: There are nursing homes that are short on PPE, 25% are reporting staffing shortage. A: Commissioner Shibinette claims that NH doesn’t have a shortage of PPE, except maybe N95. No facility should have a shortage.
  • Chamber of Commerce organizations will not get CARES ACT (501c6). Can qualify as non-profit. Gov. Sununu will look for funding to help them.
  • Quarantine vs. Isolation:
    • Quarantine: If exposed, but not known to be infected. Stay at home during the incubation period.
    • Isolation: Diagnosed with infection.
  • Asymptomatic patients are reported as recovered 10 days from their positive test if. No retesting; they are still shedding the virus, which shows up on tests for weeks. They believe this is a dead virus. “We don’t believe they can infect anyone.”
  • The Gov. does not know how much revenue has been lost from Charity Gaming and Sportsbook. It’s “found revenue,” not something we have been counting on.




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