EVERYTHING is on the line

Please get out and VOTE!

EVERYTHING is on the line, including:

Protecting Reproductive Freedom

Our State budget was hijacked to force a cruel abortion ban while the Executive Council refused funding for family planning centers, leaving low-income families without access to routine health care. When we have access to a full range of healthcare services, including birth control, abortion, and maternity care, we are healthier and our families thrive.

Protecting our Public Schools

NH legislators pushed through a reckless voucher scheme that is wildly over budget, attacks public schools, shifts public tax-payer dollars to private, religious & home schools, and raises property taxes. They interfered in the curriculum, & tried to undermine our teachers. Public schools level the playing field and ensure that every child has a place where they can learn and bloom.

Protecting our Environment while Reducing our Energy Costs

NH legislators peddle a false choice between economic prosperity and the environment. The cost of their greed can be measured in lost lives, higher food prices, and billions of dollars in disaster relief. Despite NH having the 3rd highest electric rates in the nation, NH legislators in the majority have consistently voted to keep us reliant on fossil fuels — their unwillingness to look at renewable energy hurts our wallet and our environment. NH’s unparalleled natural beauty is a treasure worth protecting.

You might not see them on the ballot, but they are there. Vote (W)right!

This is part one of a 4-part series.

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