The greening of New England

Q: Can you guess what percentage of New England’s power comes from alternative sources?
A: 40%!

We’ve come a long way. But don’t pat yourself on your backs yet … there is still lots of work to be done.

Granite State goes green

New Hampshire ranks third in the nation, after two of its neighbors, Maine and Vermont, in the proportion of its net electric generation that comes from biomass, mainly wood and wood byproducts. Yet almost half of the state’s 2015 net electricity generation came from the large Seabrook nuclear reactor, according to the EIA, while natural gas accounted for another 30 percent.

In 2014, approximately 17 percent of the state’s net electricity generation from renewable energy, and a considerable amount of that was generated by solar and wind facilities. New Hampshire’s renewable portfolio standard requires that 24.8 percent of electricity sold in the state will come from renewable energy resources by 2025.


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