Happy Birthday, Medicaid Expansion


Today is the two-year anniversary of NH implementing Medicaid Expansion. Did you know that the bipartisan N.H. Health Protection Act, expands Medicaid health care to almost 50,000 low-income, hard-working Granite Staters, who rely on this expansion to live healthy lives?

Senator Jeff Woodburn says, “Uninsured emergency room visits are down significantly. Uncompensated care, a hidden tax on everyone, is down. The rate of health insurance cost increases has slowed. The health and financial security of nearly 50,000 of Granite Staters and their families is strengthened, thousands of Granite Staters now have access to substance abuse treatment, and businesses have more productive and healthier workers.”

“It has widespread support from New Hampshire’s business community, including from the statewide Chamber of Commerce. It has the support of our health care providers, our substance abuse professionals and our state’s law enforcement.”

What is there not to like?

Despite the high success of the program that’s come at no expense to the state, some State House Republicans have threatened to end it. A billionaire extremist group has asked state Senate candidates to sign a “pledge” to end this successful health care coverage. This program could be at risk — we simply can’t let that happen.

Healthy families lead to a healthy society and economy. I’ll vote to continue the expansion for the thousands in NH who rely on it.

Together, we’ll continue to make New Hampshire a healthy and prosperous place to live.


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