Imagine This!



Here’s a great story about a “successful two-acre garden, a 200-tree fruit orchard, and a children’s sensory garden,”  which “provides free produce to the neighborhood, churches, food pantries, and more.”

Can you imagine someone starting a project like this here in Salem?

Imagine some “unemployable” seniors working with our youth, teaching them farming skills … and, in the process, a whole lot more.

Imagine these folks getting paid to maintain the garden.

Imagine these same kids, or others, learning other real-life skills. Imagine them being mentored by retired business people (paid or volunteers) to be able to run a business, learning how to sell their organic produce at the Salem Farmers Market and a nearby organic grocer.

Imagine 1/3 of the crops being donated to Boys and Girls Club, food pantries, etc., 1/3 being sold, and 1/3 being used by a local restaurant.

Now, if only we could find a local restauranteur who could use this produce, who has a vision for our community, who loves to help our people, and who has a few spare acres of land that they could donate, and the resources to get this going?

Can you imagine this here in Salem? I can!


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