November 6 — Constitutional Amendments & Candidates

On Tuesday, November 6, Salem Residents will be asked to vote for a number of political candidates (see below), plus two Constitutional Amendment Questions.

Here’s the non-partisan info you need to begin to be an informed voter:

 Here are two sources for info about those amendments, both of which passed in the NH House and NH Senate:


A sample ballot and polling locations, absentee ballots and voter registration are available on the town’s website.

For sample ballot and polling locations:
The Town Clerk has info about absentee ballots (top left, under “Links”) and voter registration (under FAQ’s):

Polls are open on November 6 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Don’t forget to bring proper identification!

The choices on the Salem ballot are below. There is one person per office, except for State Rep. Salem elects nine representatives to go to Concord. There are 18 choices — nine Democrats and nine Republicans. Yes, they are listed by party. Yes, you can select candidates from both parties.

There will be a candidate’s night on November 1 at 7:00 on Salem Public TV.  Candidates for State Representative, State Senate, Executive Council and Governor have been invited to participate. I anticipate that it will be aired live at , and repeated several times over the following days.


These are the candidates on the Ballot, in the order they appear. (D) is Democrat; (L) is Libertarian; (R) is Republican.
Governor: Molly Kelly (D), Jilletta Jarvis (L) and incumbent Chris Sununu (R)
Rep in Congress: Incumbent Ann McLane Kuster (D), Justin O’Donnell (L) and Steven Negron (R)
Executive Council: Joe Pace (D), James Jarvis (L) and incumbent Russell Prescott (R)
State Senator: Richard O’Shaughnessy (D), Mitch Dyer (L) and incumbent Chuck Morse (R)
Next on the ballot are the 18 State Rep Candidates. (I) signifies current incumbent/elected in 2016. You may pick up to nine candidates.
Democrats: Janet Breslin, Greg Davis, Dave Hickernell, Cam Iannalfo, Sean Lewis, Kelly Moss, Jaqueline Muollo, George Perry and Bonnie Wright.
Republicans: Daryl Abbas, Arthur Barnes (I), Ed DeClercq, Fred Doucette (I), Bob Elliot (I), Betty Gay (I), John Janigian (I), Everett McBride and John Sytek (I)
Sheriff and County Attorney are next on the ballot. Congratulations to Republicans Chuck Massahos and incumbent Patricia Conway, who are running unopposed.
County Treasurer: David Ahern (D) vs, incumbent Scott Priestley (R).
Register of Deeds: Bill Tappan (D) vs. incumbent Cathy Stacey (R)
Register of Probate: Bob Davidson (D), Griffin Poutre (L) and Ray Tweedie (R)

County Commissioner: Elizabeth Roth (D) vs. incumbent Thomas Tombarello (R)

Don’t forget to Vote (W)right!