Racism- Kids against Kids

Today we see another story about abuse … because one kid, right here in New Hampshire, didn’t like the color of another kid’s skin. How is this possible? These kids had to have learned this attitude from someone they respect.

I’ve heard people say that racism is not a big issue this far north. (Confession: I used to think this, too.) But when you sit down and really talk with a Person of Color, you can hear stories that make your skin crawl.

Racism IS here. And it appears to be growing, as evidenced by these two very recent hate crimes, committed by kids against kids.

So, what are we doing about it? Nowhere near enough.

We can start by becoming aware, and recognizing it IS a problem. We can teach our kids. Learn about Institutional Racism, also known as Structural Racism. What else can we do?

We ARE all created equally. Let’s make sure that we treat each other that way. Let’s Make America KIND Again.



September 5: Report of 8-year-old Claremont NH boy nearly lynched by teens

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