State Rep Commmitte​e Assignments

Today the NH House of Representatives announced the assignments to Standing Committees. NH State Reps from Salem were assigned to some of the key committees. Congratulations to them all.

The nine Reps from Rockingham 8 (Salem) will be representing Salem on floor votes, and will represent Salem as well as the entire State, in their Committee assignments.

Salem elected you to represent all of us. Do us proud!

Here are our Reps, and their Committee Assignments:
• Daryl A. Abbas : Criminal Justice and Public Safety
• Arthur E. Barnes : Commerce and Consumer Affairs
• Edward DeClercq : Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs
• Fred G. Doucette : Ways and Means
• Robert J. Elliott : Education
• Betty I. Gay : Election Law
• John C. Janigian : Public Works and Highways
• Everett P. McBride : (No committee assignmen found???)
• John Sytek : Executive Departments and Administration