Unemployment questions live on News 9 at 5:30

If you are one of the persons counted in the statistics, you might want to tune in today as Deputy New Hampshire Employment Security Commissioner Richard Lavers answers questions about unemployment.

Questions can be submitted to Facebook or by email to storyideas@wmur.com.

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Here are my notes from this presentation.

  • People are waiting for weeks after being approved. $500M has been given out in the last two months, more than the total over the last 7 years. If you haven’t received your check, be patient. Trying to expedite.
  • For those who didn’t file, some claims can be backdated, not all.
  • For those who have caregiving responsibilities for school-age children, and their regular childcare options are not available, benefits are still available.
  • If hours were cut, one might be eligible, but it depends on the number of hours worked and the amount of pay. [No answer to the question regarding a reduction in hourly rate.] Stop filing when you begin full-time work, not when you get paid.
  • For teachers whose summer jobs are canceled, file anyway.
  • For more help, call 271-7700 or refer to guidance for unemployment: https://www.nhes.nh.gov