Watching – 1/4/17

Yesterday (Wednesday, January 4) NH Representatives had their first session of 2017.

Approximately 100 concerned citizens were there to send a message: We are watching #OurNHStateHouse. Rights & Democracy prepared list of requests that were presented to our NH legislators for issues that were part of the platform that was accepted at the National Democratic Party Convention, such as:

  • Equality for All.
  • Living Wage.
  • Protect the Environment.
  • Protect Women’s Rights
  • Represent NH Citizens and Families, (not lobbyists)
  • Reject Right to Work (for less)/Union busting laws.

After the Rally, several of us went into the State House to observe the House. NH Reps had four votes to amend House Rules:

1. Amend House Rule 2: (The proposal would have required that “when the House is session, all persons in the House chamber shall be dressed in proper business attire.”)
Failed.  151:213

2. Amend House Rule 30: (Removed the Children and Family Law Committee, which deals with changes to the state’s child custody, adoption and divorce laws)
Failed 172:196

3. Amend House Rule 45: (Make it more difficult for members to introduce amendments at the last moment.)
Approved 240:128

4. Amend House Rule 100: (Allow citizens who take time off from work, and often have to travel long distances, and/or pay for childcare, to be allowed to speak at hearings before paid lobbyists)
Failed 121:242

Bolded responses reflect those that had the most votes.

Not from Salem? Or want to reach our Reps?
You can find their information here:


For more info about the rally:

Photo credits: Eric Zulaski

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