Annual Spring Planning & Zoning Conference

Today was the 23rd Annual Spring Planning & Zoning Conference, put on by the NH Office of Energy & Planning. The Conference ran from 8:00 to 3:30; breakfast and lunch were included!

The keynote speaker, Stephen Landry, from the Watershed Assistance Section of NH DES, presented “A Success Story in Manchester: Removal of the Maxwell Pond Dam and Restoration of Black Brook. While we didn’t see a real value to ZBA or Planning Board members, it was a great presentation. Mr. Landry was very entertaining!

With my fellow Salem ZBA member, Jeff Hatch, I also took the ZBA Decision Making Process session, by Christine Fillmore, Esquire, and the double session, Roles & Responsibilities of the Zoning Board of Adjustment, by Christopher Boldt, Esquire. It was good to have a review of ZBA procedures and <yawn> pertinent case laws. Part of it was a little dry and a little boring, but necessary information to know if we want to do a good job. #dedicated

Representing Salem, left to right, were: Bob Gibbs, (Planning Board), Bonnie Wright (Zoning Board of Adjustment Vice Chair), Bob Donahue (Planning Board Alternate and Economic Development Action Committee Vice Chair).  (Missing from the photo was Jeff Hatch, ZBA.)

Wow, was it windy! And sunny!

Today’s Conference took place at the same time as the Climate March in Concord. #ThereInSpirit!