On Taxes & Budgets

I regularly watch the news, from local happenings right on up. Like many, I see much to be concerned about.

Below is a link to a NY times article that jumped out at me today. For my husband and I, as long as we stay healthy, I don’t see any major impact on what we will have to pay, or be allowed to deduct from our taxes. We may find we don’t have to pay someone to file our tax return.

What about the long-term consequences?

Whether we are talking about the Federal funds, our State budget, or looking at our local Town’s budget, there are always, ALWAYS, concerns when we talk about budget cuts, or tax rate changes: What will be cut, and how will it impact not just our family, but also our community, our environment, and future generations? If we make changes to tax rates, who will be impacted, and what will be impacted? If we reduce taxes, we are reducing income, and thus must reduce spending.

As our Federal and State governments deal with these issues, we must consider: Will services be cut at the Federal or State level, and then have to be supported by our towns? We have already experienced that here in Salem, which is reflected in our property taxes.

Follow what’s happening. It does impact you! Speak out, and let your voices be heard.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 2, the Senate will be having a hearing on the State Budget from 1:00 to 5, and then from 6:00 until ?Details: https://www.bonnie4salem.us/senate-finance-budget-hearing/

How will the proposed tax changes affect you, directly or indirectly? https://www.bonnie4salem.us/downshifting/