Charter Commission — I’m running!!!

At our municipal elections in March, Salem residents approved the warrant article to form a Charter Commission. This Commission will explore Salem’s current form of government, explore the various options available, and will draft a proposed town charter to change the type of government.

The Commission may choose to make Salem a city, but I anticipate that they will recommend a town council. They will make decisions on issues like the number of Town Councilors we should have, and if they will be elected at large or by wards. They will decide if the ZBA and Planning Board should be elected or appointed. They will decide how we should handle municipal elections, including if should we have a town meeting. They will decide what we should have on our ballots. Once they have made their decisions, they will create a town charter. Then the town residents will vote in March to accept the decisions that were made, or reject the draft charter.

These are important decisions — crucial to our town. The commission requires members who will study all of the facts, and consider all of the options. It requires members without a hidden agenda. It requires members who have shown that they love Salem. I believe I fit these criteria, and that’s why I’m asking for your vote on Tuesday, April 26.

There are 35 candidates for 9 seats. I hope you will vote, and I hope you will cast one of those 9 votes for me. If you need additional ideas, Salem Dems created a list of 12 candidates that they feel would do a good job on this Commission. They’ve included Democrats, undeclared voters and at least one Republican. That list can be viewed at

The late State Rep, Kathy Rogers, said, “Elect people who have shown that they care about you.” I believe I have done that. I appreciate your consideration.

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