Charter Commission — Thanks, Salem!

Thank you, Salem! I appreciate all of those who turned out to vote, and especially those who voted for me!

Election results can be found here:

Of the 1,176 people who voted, I earned 449 votes. Only Bernie Campbell (463) and DJ Bettencourt (452) had more votes than I had. 14 votes from first to third place!

I look forward to working with DJ Bettencourt, Kevin Breen, Bernie W. Campbell, Joe Feole, John Janigian, Donna Loranger, Kelly Moss and Joe Sweeney to bring forward a good, strong town charter that will meet the needs of the majority of Salem’s residents. We need to come up with something that will pass with 60% of the votes in our March election … not an easy task.

Thank you for your faith in me to do what needs to be done!

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