COVID-19 Update August 31

COVID-19 Update August 31

This is the 150th Daily Update!

  • Total: 302 confirmed cases in Salem
  • 1 out of every 98 Salem residents has been infected
  • Salem Today: 0 new cases, 10 active cases


• • • • TODAY’S SPOTLIGHT • • • • • •

  • For the fourth day in a row, Salem did not have anyone who tested positive today. In addition, two more Salem residents have been reported as “recovered.”
  • NH DHHS has reported 22 new cases today, with a cumulative total of 21 new cases.
  • 5 more children under 18 have been infected.
  • Today, the positivity rate is 1.3%.
  • Communities with active cases continue to shift around. Those with 5 or more active cases are Manchester (22); Bedford and Brentwood (13 each); Salem (10); Exeter and Derry (9 each); Merrimack (8); Nashua (7); Dover and Hudson (6 each); and Ossipee and Milford (5 each).
  • Yesterday, the Town of Durham, home of UNH, became the 24th NH community to have 50 confirmed cases. Today, however, NH DHHS is reporting that they only have had 49 cases.
  • There have been no new hospitalizations and no new fatalities in NH in the 24-hour period covered by this report.

• • • • • DIAGNOSTIC TESTS IN NH • • • • • •

  • New positive cases per DHHS: 22
  • My new positive cases (Total of today’s cases minus yesterday’s total): 21
  • Children under 18 in new cases: 5
  • Total positive cases in NH: 7,275
  • Percentage of today’s tests that are positive: 1.30%
  • Total PCR tests results reported today (Positive results plus negative results): 1,621
  • The daily average of diagnostic (PCR) tests reported from 7 days ago to today: 1,578
  • New negative PCR cases in NH: 1,600
  • Total negative cases in NH: 203,641

Rockingham County Diagnostic Test

  • Total cases in Rockingham County: 1,809
  • New cases in Rockingham County: 4
  • Rockingham County: New cases per 100K residents: 1.3
  • Rockingham County 1-week average per 100K residents: 1.8
  • Percent of all cases from Rockingham County: 24.9%
  • Percent of all cases from either Hillsborough County or Rockingham County: 80%

Active Cases

  • Active cases in NH: 228
  • Active cases in Rockingham County: 77
  • Percent of NH’s active cases that are in Rockingham County: 33.8%


• • • • • OTHER TEST RESULTS • • • • • •

  • New antibody tests: 50
  • Total antibody tests (No break down of positive vs. negative): 29,752
  • The daily average of antibody tests reported from 7 days ago to today: 71
  • Children diagnosed with MIS-C: (as of 5/22/2020): 1


• • • • • RECOVERED IN NH • • • • • •

  • Announced today: 15
  • Total Recovered: 6,615
  • Percentage of diagnosed cases that have recovered: 90.9%


• • • • • HOSPITALIZATIONS IN NH • • • • • •

  • New: 0
  • Current: 6
  • Total Hospitalized: 714
  • Percentage of those who have been infected that have been hospitalized: 9.81%


• • • • • DEATHS IN NH • • • • • •

  • Lives lost today: 0
  • Persons over 60 years of age who died today: 0
  • Persons under 60 years of age who died today: 0
  • Total fatalities in NH associated with COVID-19: 432
  • NH Residents diagnosed with COVID-19 that died: 5.94­­%
  • Lives lost in Rockingham today: 0

These are not simply numbers. We must not forget that these are all someone’s husband or wife, mother or father, sister or brother, son or daughter, friend or neighbor.


There is a conspiracy theory circulating around, put out by QAnon, claiming that there are far fewer COVID deaths than have been reported. Although this was based on a report by the CDC, which is being improperly interpreted, it is important to note that the CDC has not adjusted the death rates that they report, as some are claiming.

Here’s why: When someone dies the doctor must put their death info on the death certificate. If they died from COVID-19, a lazy doctor might just write “COVID-19.” 6% of the death records do not show what complication of COVID-19 caused the death. However, most doctors will record the COVID-19 side effect that contributed to the death. COVID-19 is believed to cause acute respiratory distress syndrome, heart failure, renal failure, liver damage, shock and multi-organ failure. Blood clots and strokes are associated with COVID-19, and heart issues have been documented. It is appropriate to mention any of these side effects on a death certificate when a COVID-related death is reported.

For further information, I recommend the video by ZDoggMD. There are also two articles worth reading, concentrating on WHY the Trump retweet of the QAnon info was taken down. They can be found on CNN and Forbes. Downplaying the severity of this disease, as we are seeing right now, will only lead to more infections, more deaths, and more long-term consequences.

Stay safe, and always, be kind.


How our numbers have changed over time



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