COVID-19 Update August 8

COVID-19 Update August 8

  • Total: 288 confirmed cases
  • 1 out of every 103 Salem residents has been infected.
  • Salem Today: 2 new cases, 15 active cases.


• • • TODAY’S SPOTLIGHT• • • • • •

  • Yesterday, I shared that two more people in Salem had been infected over the previous two days. Today we have two more people … within one day.
  • NH DHHS reports 40 new cased. (Number of cases since yesterday is an increase of 39 cases). NH has not added this many new cases since July 31.
  • The positivity rate is 2.59%. While still respectable, it is a slight increase over the daily averages over the past one week, two weeks, and month.
  • Another 54 people have been reported as “recovered.” Now over 6,000 people have been recovered; 88.7% of all confirmed cases.
  • Today, 350 people in NH are still fighting COVID-19 infections. This is the lowest we’ve seen.
  • Hospitalizations have increased – slightly — over the past four days. The last time we were higher than today’s census of 24 was July 25.
  • Hospitalization rates remain at 10% of all confirmed cases in NH.
  • NH Deaths may have slowed down, slightly, but the percentage of those who have died is consistently 6% of all confirmed cases.


• • • • • DIAGNOSTIC TESTS IN NH • • • • • •

  • New positive cases per DHHS: 40
  • My new positive cases (Total of today’s cases minus yesterday’s total): 39
  • Children under 18 in new cases: 1
  • Total positive cases in NH: 6,818
  • Percentage of tests that are positive: 2.59%
  • Active cases: 350
  • Percentage of positive cases that are still active: 5.1%
  • New cases in Rockingham County: 12
  • Total cases in Rockingham County: 1,688
  • Percent of all cases from either Hillsborough County or Rockingham County: 81%
  • Total PCR tests results reported today (Positive results plus negative results): 1,507
  • The daily average of diagnostic (PCR) tests reported from 7 days ago to today: 1,233
  • New negative PCR cases in NH: 1,468
  • Total negative cases in NH (as reported by DHHS): 164,433


• • • • • OTHER TEST RESULTS • • • • • •

  • New antibody tests: 124
  • Total antibody tests (No break down of positive vs. negative): 27,857
  • The daily average of antibody tests reported from 7 days ago to today: 110
  • Children diagnosed with MIS-C: (as of 5/22/2020): 1


• • • • • RECOVERED IN NH • • • • • •

  • Announced today: 54
  • Total Recovered: 6,049
  • Percentage of diagnosed cases that have recovered: 88.7%


• • • • • HOSPITALIZATIONS IN NH • • • • • •

  • New: 0
  • Current: 24
  • Total Hospitalized: 700
  • Percentage of those who have been infected that have been hospitalized: 10.27%
  • Percentage of those who have been hospitalized that are still in the hospital: 3.4%


• • • • • DEATHS IN NH • • • • • •

  • Lives lost today: 0
  • Persons over 60 years of age who died today: 0
  • Persons under 60 years of age who died today: 0
  • Total fatalities in NH associated with COVID-19: 419
  • NH Residents diagnosed with COVID-19 that died: 6.1%
  • Lives lost in Rockingham today: 0

These are not simply numbers. We must not forget that these are all someone’s husband or wife, mother or father, sister or brother, son or daughter, friend or neighbor.


COVID is affecting more than “just” American’s employment, socialization, and education. How’s your grocery bill been lately? Food costs are rising. Food insecurity is growing. More Americans are starting to go to bed hungry. But it need not be so.

Thousands of Granite State children may be eligible for food benefits, even if their families are not already receiving Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program, or SNAP, assistance. For families whose financial situation changed as a result of COVID, it’s possible that they could apply and be eligible, even if they weren’t before.

In addition to the above-referenced assistance, a quick search finds four food pantries in Salem: Triumphant Cross Lutheran Church, St Joseph Campus, Rockingham Christian Church, and Pleasant Street United Methodist Food Pantry.

Asking for help is difficult. I know. I have been there. When my kids were an infant and a toddler, I went through a few difficult months; my family needed public assistance. It was very hard. Embarrassing. But the difficulties my family faced were not our fault. If you are having difficulties because of COVID, it’s not your fault. These programs are here for you. Use them! No kid should go to bed hungry. No American should go to bed hungry.

Part of staying safe means eating properly. Stay safe, and always, be kind. You don’t know what others are going through.


How our numbers have changed over time



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