COVID-19 Update June 6

COVID-19 Update June 6

Salem Total: 265 confirmed cases, 1 out of every 112 residents

Salem Today: 2 new cases. (Yesterday: 5 new cases); 79 active cases.


****** TODAY’S SPOTLIGHT ******

  • The update from NH DHHS for June 5 included cumulative and current cases by towns and counties from June 4. After a phone call and several messages, that info was updated with enough time for me to grab the data before it was updated with today’s data.
  • Globally: 6,962,4967 cases; 402,047 deaths
  • US: 1,987,651 confirmed cases; 112,077 deaths.
  • Globally there have now been over 400,000 people who have died from complications associated with COVID-19. Almost 4,000 were within the last 24-hours.
  • NH now has more than 5,000 cases.
  • It appears that records from Massachusetts are no longer being updated on a daily basis.
  • Rockingham County has added an average of 12 new cases per day over the last week. Salem has averaged 3 new cases per day over that same timeframe.
  • No deaths have been reported in Rockingham County for almost a week.
  • 1 out of 112 people in Salem have been infected. In Rockingham County, it’s 1 out of 225. In NH, it’s 1 out of 271.
  • There aren’t many numbers that are jumping out to me today, but it looks like there will be a number of significant milestones that will be reached tomorrow (or possibly the next day.


  • New positive cases per DHHS: 74
  • My new positive cases (Total of today’s cases minus yesterday’s total): 66
  • Children under 18 in new cases: 5
  • Total positive cases in NH: 5,019
  • Percentage of tests that are positive: 3.6%
  • Active cases: 1,417
  • Percentage of positive cases that are still active: 28.82%
  • New cases in Rockingham County: 20 per DHHS; 19 by math.
  • Total cases in Rockingham County: 1,378
  • Percent of all cases from either Hillsborough County or Rockingham County: 81%
  • Total PCR tests results reported today (Positive results plus negative results): 1,838
  • Daily average of diagnostic (PCR) tests reported from 7 days ago to today: 1, 650
  • New negative PCR cases in NH: 1,772
  • Total negative cases in NH (as reported by DHHS): 78,990

****** OTHER TEST RESULTS ******

  • New antibody tests: 312
  • Total antibody tests: (No break down of positive vs. negative) 13,604
  • Daily average of antibody tests reported from 7 days ago to today: 535
  • Children diagnosed with MIS-C: (as of 5/22/2020): 1

****** RECOVERED IN NH ******

  • Announced today: 72
  • Total: 3,319
  • Percentage of diagnosed cases that have recovered: 66.1%


  • New: 11
  • Current: 84
  • Total: 487
  • Percentage of all confirmed cases that have been hospitalized: 10%
  • Percentage of those who have been hospitalized that are still in the hospital: 17.2%

****** DEATHS IN NH ******

  • Lives lost today: 5
  • Persons over 60 years of age who died today: 5
  • Persons under 60 years of age who died today: 0
  • Total fatalities in NH associated with COVID-19: 283
  • NH Residents diagnosed with COVID-19 that died: 5.6%
  • NH Residents hospitalized with COVID-19 that died: 58.1%
  • Lives lost in Rockingham today: 0

These are not simply numbers. We must not forget that these are all someone’s husband or wife, mother or father, sister or brother, son or daughter, friend or neighbor.


****** Key points. Read details in the article below ******

  • Geographic Updates
  • COVID-19 Testing
  • How long does the coronavirus last inside the body?
  • Federal COVID-19 funds heading to Salem School District.
  • Answers to your FAQs about open businesses in NH

How is your weekend going? Have you been able to maintain social distancing? If you slipped, by attending a protest or a graduation party, consider getting a COVID test about five days after potential exposure. I’ll put the info in the news section. Stay safe, and always, be kind.


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Q: How much testing is NH doing in comparison to our neighboring states?

A: We aren’t doing enough tests!

Today’s COVID-19 Statistics:

Salem’s confirmed cases: 

  • May 19: 213; 118 active (The highest number of active cases.)
  • May 20: 218; 116 active
  • May 21: 220; 86 active
  • May 22: 225; 77 active
  • May 23: 227; 74 active
  • May 24: 226???; 76 active
  • May 25: 228; 67 active
  • May 26: 235; 73 active
  • May 27: 235; 68 active
  • May 28: 239; 70 active
  • May 29: 239; 68 active
  • May 30: 241, 65 active
  • May 31: 244; 68 active
  • June 1: 245; 68 active
  • June 2: 247; 66 active
  • June 3: 256; 74 active
  • June 4: 258; 75 active
  • June 5: 263; 77 active
  • June 6: 265; 79 active

Earlier dates for Salem have been moved to

The weekly report has been moved to This is a summary of the info from NH DHHS; with more demographics than provided on a daily basis. They last updated this info on May 18.

The report containing information about other towns, counties and our MA neighbors has been moved to’m updating this information weekly. The last update was May 24.

Today’s News pertaining to COVID-19

Geographic Updates

The update from NH DHHS for June 5 included cumulative and current cases by towns and counties from June 4. It might not have seemed like a big deal, but this was the data I needed to do a once a week update. It took a bit of effort, but I was able to get that data. My weekly report has been updated, and can be found at


COVID-19 Testing

If you may have been exposed, consider getting tested. Here’s what you need to know:

How long does the coronavirus last inside the body?

Researchers are narrowing down how long the virus persists inside the body and whether people can be quickly re-infected. Read more.


Federal COVID-19 funds heading to Salem School District.

The state DOE is allocating $34 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds for NH school districts. However, the districts have been asked by the state to ‘set aside’ some money pending federal guidance on whether to include nonpublic school students in the distribution. Salem will receive 415,582.97. Read more.


Answers to your FAQs about open businesses

Gov. Chris Sununu issued a series of emergency orders earlier this year limiting the operations of some businesses, while shuttering others. In recent weeks, he’s issued new orders allowing some entities to reopen, though with restrictions. What’s Open, And What’s Not Open In New Hampshire? Read more.



My accumulation of resources has been moved. These can now be found at

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