Environment, Energy and the Economy are on the Line

NH legislators have been peddling a false choice between economic prosperity and the environment. The cost of their greed can be measured in lost lives, higher food prices and billions of dollars in disaster relief. Despite NH having one of the highest electric rates in the nation, NH legislators consistently vote to keep us reliant on fossil fuels, and their unwillingness to look at renewable energy hurts our wallet and our environment. NH’s unparalleled natural beauty is a treasure worth protecting.

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The Three E’s: Environment, Energy, and the Economy.
There is a close connection between protecting the environment, bringing in more renewable energy, and protecting the economy. There have been many opportunities to do all three which have been rejected by NH Republicans, as well as the Republicans in Congress.

Electric Rates in the Northeast

Sources of Electricity in the Northeast

NH needs more renewable energy, yet NH legislators and the governor have refused to address an energy solution … for years.

NH electric rates are going up … again. https://seacoastcurrent.com/why-nh-electric-rates-are-set-to-jump-again/

Climate Activists call for change: https://www.nhpr.org/nh-news/2022-08-05/climate-activists-call-on-nh-officials-to-invest-in-renewable-energy-divest-from-fossil-fuels

Governor Sununu gets funds from Eversource: https://www.energyandpolicy.org/chris-sununu-campaign-contributions-eversource/

The Sununu Family and Climate Change: https://www.nhpr.org/all-things-considered/2019-04-04/the-sununu-family-and-climate-change-over-the-years

NHGOP 2021 budget (HB 1, HB 2) was wasteful and Irresponsible with Your Money:

  • Bail Out for Wealthy Investors
  • More Tax Breaks for Large Corporations
  • New Spending on School Vouchers
  • Abortion Ban with Ultrasound Mandate

NHHouseDems voted NO

Corporate profits are at record highs.

Rep. Katie Porter explains corporate profit in this video.

Fuel company profits are at record highs.

A small number of companies control a majority of our food … and the price we pay for the food we eat.

Northern Pass would not have helped New Hampshire’s current energy issues.

Eversource wanted to build a high-voltage transmission line — one of the largest electric transmission projects in New Hampshire’s history — a 192-mile line to deliver into New England 1,090 megawatts of electricity from Hydro-Québec’s hydropower facilities in Canada, in partnership with Connecticut-based Northeast Utilities, which owns Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH). It would be for the exclusive use of Hydro-Quebec to export electricity. The proposed project would have profoundly affected our landscapes and local communities.

There is already a power line corridor running through New Hampshire from Canada to Massachusetts, which transmits power from Hydro-Quebec, with no benefit to NH residents. It is controlled by a competitor to the corporation behind Northern Pass (Northeast Utilities). Electricity transmitted by Northern Pass was expected to be passed on to southern New England. It was never expected to help NH residents.

NH energy activists opposed Northern Pass. The Site Evaluation Committee denied Eversource a permit to build Northern Pass because the utility failed to show that the project wouldn’t harm the state’s communities and economy.

Northern Pass would not have helped New Hampshire’s economy or energy bills. It might have provided temporary jobs, and a few permanent jobs, but it likely would have harmed our economy by damaging our environment and our tourist industry.

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This is part four of a 4-part series.
Part 1: EVERYTHING is on the line.
Part 2: Reproductive Freedom is on the line.
Part 3: Public Schools are on the line.
Part 4: The 3 E’s — Environment, Energy and the Economy — are on the line.

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