It is official!

Today I filed to have my name on the ballot for September’s primary on September 13, and in the general election on November 8. I am running to fill one of the nine seats in the NH House from Salem (Rockingham 8).

Filing with me were Carla Billingham and Sean Lewis.

Some of our friends joined us at Farmhouse Roasters, to wish us luck. We are very appreciative that they were able to take time out of their day.


Here is some of the gang at Town Hall! Again, thanks for coming Janet, Matt, Billy, John and Jim.

There are two ways to get your name on the ballot. For State Rep, you can pay a $2.00 fee, or you can collect signatures on petitions. All three of us decided to collect signatures, feeling that it would be the beginning of an effort to build support, and shows there is confidence among voters in our candidacy. We all collected considerably more signatures than required.

It was important to me to earn my way onto the ballot, and not buy my way on. Here are some of my petitions:

Here we are, three excited candidates!
@Bonnie4Salem @SeanLewis4Salem @CarlaBillingham
#GoBonnie #GoCarla #GoSean

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