MisLEAD: America’s Secret Epidemic

Lead Poisoning: “1 in 3 children is impacted by this environmental illness- 22,000,000 U.S. children today, but chances are they’ve never even tested your child. It conservatively costs the U.S. $100 billion annually, however a carefully crafted political campaign has made you think it’s not your problem. Think again.” ~ Tamara Rubin

Join me at this event on Wednesday, September 26. If you can’t make it on Wednesday, this documentary will also be shown in Claremont and Dover, on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. If elected as your State Representative, I will continue to do volunteer work in our town, and I will continue to inform the town of activities that I think they would want to hear about, and I will continue to learn about issues such as this that face the residents of Salem and across the State of New Hampshire.


Claremont 9/25:

Manchester 9/26:

Dover 9/27: