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Dear Salem Neighbors, Friends, and Family,

Thank you for your support for my candidacy for a seat in the NH House. While the results are disappointing, this does not mean that this is the end of the road. I now am at the beginning of a different race, down a different road. And that prospect is just as exciting!

I’m not exactly sure which road I’ll be taking … but I’ll always fight for clean water, air and soil and clean energy, to get money out of politics, and for those who need a voice.

The last few years, and especially the last three months, have taken me so far outside of my comfort zone, that I no longer know where the edges of that zone are. And that’s a good thing. (Although I still prefer to be the wallflower at the party!)

This has been quite a journey. Thank you for sharing your stories and concerns, and showing me part of your lives. And I thank you all for the encouragement, support, and hugs I received along the way. I made some new friends, too.

Thanks to those who traveled on this journey with me. While I wish the results had been different, I know I did my best. I am very thankful that our supporters and opposition kept things clean and kind. It was a campaign to be proud of.


Congratulations to Salem’s newly elected State Representatives. They are accepting the responsibility of representing YOU, and helping you with your issues and concerns. To do their job, they need to know what your concerns are, so please reach out to them regularly.

Here are your newly elected officials, with their vote counts:

  • Ron Belanger (7,528)
  • Gary Azarian (7,373)
  • Bob Elliott (7,110)
  • Fred Doucette (7,041)
  • Betty Gay (7,034)
  • John Manning (6,640
  • Arthur Barnes (6,594)
  • John Janigian (6,338)
  • John Sytek (6,260)

Contact info for your current reps can be found here:
Seven of our nine current Reps were re-elected. Two names will be removed from the existing list on the State’s website, and the new Reps, Betty Gay and John Janigian, will be added … probably in December.

Remember, these folks were elected to Represent and help you. However, if you need assistance, even though I am not your Rep, please reach out. I’ll find someone who can help you.


Finally, I would be remiss in not thanking some people:

  • Wayne Wright, my husband, who has gone way out of his comfort zone to help me.
  • My running mates, Carla Billingham and Sean Lewis. We shared most of our print media, and supported each other in canvassing and social media. Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” This was a good team.
  • Laurel Redden, the glue that held three strong candidates together, and who hosted a fundraiser for the three of us.
  • Larry Disenhof, my fiscal agent, who, among other things, made sure I filed my reports properly with the Secretary of State’s office.
  • Dee Lewis and Janet Smith who also hosted house parties for our team, and helped with visibility at the polls and at the landfill.
  • Fawn Gaudet, who came from Plymouth to spend a day helping me canvass.
  • Chris Small, my adopted big brother, who came from Merrimack to help with visibility at the landfill and polling station.
  • Eiji Miki, for many things, including help with visibility at the polls during both the primary and yesterday.
  • John Mosto for making our totems for the primary and general election, organizing visibility events, and more.
  • Jane Capone for donating the painting for our fundraiser silent auction.
  • Angelica Mcinerney for allowing me to use her photograph in some of my marketing.
  • The Salem Democratic Town Committee and Rockingham County Democrats who helped with encouragement, visibility, and support.
  • Rights & Democracy for their endorsement, and for organizing about 20 folks to come to Salem to canvas for us. RAD also sent Kathy & Victoria to help at the polls, and probably did other things that I don’t know about.
  • The other organizations that endorsed me, and who presumably did invisible support: AFC, AFL-CIO, NEA, SEA-SEIU, and Sierra Club.
  • The numerous folks, including some strangers, who helped out with donations. Each and every one was appreciated.
  • The unknown folks who knocked on doors, passed out our literature, and those who helped organize them, and all the others who helped at the polls or in other ways.
  • And finally, thanks again to those who showed faith and confidence in me with their votes.

Thank you, one and all.

With warmth, gratitude and respect,

Bonnie Wright


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